Winterthur equips Grüze substation with solar plant


Winterthur – The city of Winterthur wants to have a photovoltaic system built on the roof of the Grüze substation. It is expected to produce about 88,200 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The city is investing 185,000 francs for this.

The city council of Winterthur has approved a credit of 185,000 Swiss francs for the construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the Grüze substation. According to a media release, the plant will be built and operated by the Winterthur municipal utility.

The substation in the Winterthur-Grüze area converts electricity from high voltage to medium voltage. According to the decision of the city council, it is now to become an electricity producer itself. Annually, the new solar plant will produce about 88,200 kilowatt hours of electricity. According to the city’s announcement, this is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 20 family households. According to the plan, around 40 percent of the solar power produced on the roof will be used by the Stadtguet AG brewery, which is leased next door. The remaining electricity is fed into the Winterthur power grid.

The expansion of solar energy is in line with the current legislative program to promote renewable energy, according to the city’s statement. The project contributes to the goal of the city’s climate concept to achieve net zero CO2 consumption, he said. gba