WinGD and Mitsubishi plan ammonia-powered ships


Winterthur/Tokyo – Winterthur-based Gas & Diesel Ltd (WinGD) is collaborating with Japanese shipbuilder and technology developer Mitsubishi Shipbuilding on ammonia propulsion systems for ships. WinGD supplies the engines, Mitsubishi builds the vessels and develops the fuel delivery system.

WinGD and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding are teaming up to make progress in environmentally friendly ammonia propulsion for commercial vessels. The two companies have now signed a letter of intent to this effect. The project will start in the third quarter of 2023. The ships are scheduled to enter service in 2027.

A media release from the Japanese shipbuilder said WinGD is currently developing low-speed, two-stroke X-DF-A marine engines fueled by ammonia. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will now work with WinGD to explore technologies to design and commercialize the ammonia fuel supply system for the X-DF-A engines, he said.

WinGD’s announcement goes into further detail. Accordingly, this partnership will see the Winterthur-based marine engine builder use its ammonia-fueled X-DF-A engines in a number of ships being designed by Mitsubishi. In addition, Mitsubishi will complete the fuel chain with its ammonia fuel supply system and set performance parameters for the engines, he said.

“Our goal is to develop the applicability of these engines and their fuel elements to multiple vessel types,” Dominik Schneiter, vice president of research and development at WinGD, is quoted as saying by WinGD. In doing so, the partners aim to “maintain the highest standards for environmental sustainability and crew safety.” ce/mm