Wallisellen switches to LED


Wallisellen ZH – In the future, the city of Wallisellen will illuminate its streets and squares exclusively with energy-saving LED lamps. The electrical energy required for this comes from locally generated solar power.

Wallisellen is increasingly relying on LED luminaires for lighting in public spaces. According to a media release, the utility company die Werke is taking over the planning and operation of the lighting of public streets and squares with energy-saving LED lights on behalf of the city of Wallisellen. Today, 65 percent of the city in the canton of Zurich is already equipped with smart LED lamps. These can be switched on or off as required and can also be dimmed.

“LEDs save electricity and reduce light pollution,” says Philipp Maurer, Head of Civil Engineering + Landscape at the City of Wallisellen, explaining the reason for the conversion. The measures taken are part of the project “More night for Wallisellen”, the statement says.

The new LED lights require only about half the electrical energy of their predecessors, the sodium vapor lamps. This great saving is also achieved by the fact that the LED lights are equipped with sensors. If vehicles or pedestrians approach, the light is raised via motion detectors. At times of low activity, it is reduced by 50 percent.

By mid-2023, all street lighting should be equipped with the new system. The city buys the electricity it needs to operate from local solar power producers. eb