Voters approve credit for district heating in Chur


Chur – The majority of Chur’s electorate voted in favor of an 80 million franc investment contribution by the city to the district heating network. The total cost of the expansion by the electricity, water and heat supplier IBC is over 300 million Swiss francs.

Chur’s energy supplier Energie Wasser Chur(IBC) can massively expand its district heating network. The electorate approved a corresponding municipal proposal by 60.85 percent. It states that the city will contribute 80 million Swiss francs to the total cost of expanding the heating network over a period of twelve years. These amount to CHF 314 million.

The municipal council supports the proposal with 17 votes in favor to 4 against, according to its March 12 ballot message. Now Chur is supporting the generation project of the IBC, which is an independent institution under public law in the sole ownership of the city, with 60 million francs to increase the endowment capital and in the form of a loan. The city is holding another 20 million for a guarantee that may be called upon.

The investment is necessary from the point of view of the municipal council in order to be able to guarantee the conversion to a renewable heat supply within the city. “At the same time, this will also make it possible to offset the loss of the previous value added from gas sales and increase revenues elsewhere,” the message continues. “The money that flows out today to buy oil and gas will stay in the region in the future.”

According to the information, IBC intends to borrow a total of 160 million francs from financial institutions. In addition, a contribution of 56 million Swiss francs from the federal government and the canton is expected. The company intends to invest 38 million Swiss francs from its own funds. mm