Venture Kick supports three sustainable start-ups


Schlieren ZH – Venture Kick is funding the sustainability-focused startups Gaia Technologies, Impossible Materials and SolidWatts with 40,000 Swiss francs each. They deal with conversion of waste into value, replacement for titanium dioxide and efficient energy supply for industry.

Startups Gaia Technologies from Bern, Impossible Materials from Marly FR and SolidWatts from Pully VD win the second phase of Venture Kick‘s financial and entrepreneurial support, according to a media release. They will be funded with 40,000 Swiss francs each. All three are dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and technologies.

Gaia Technologies is involved in the production of so-called clean label ingredients for cosmetics, food and feed manufacturers. The company has developed an innovative method to convert agricultural by-products into biocomponents and high-quality ingredients. For example, antioxidants from olive pomace are marketed. The natural antioxidants market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.6 percent to over €1 billion by 2027.

Impossible Materials is creating a biomaterial platform that offers plant-based ingredients for products in health-conscious sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The young company’s first product is a white pigment made from cellulose, which is intended to replace the market leader titanium dioxide. In food, titanium dioxide is classified as unsafe.

SolidWatts aims to make the industry’s electrical supply more efficient and greener. The start-up aims to revolutionize the market with high-power radio frequency and microwave heating based on solid-state amplifier (SSA) technology for the chemical, food, building materials, recycling and other industries. The method is considered particularly efficient. gba