Vaz/Obervaz commissions foldable solar plant above wastewater treatment plant


Vaz/Obervaz/Zizers GR – The municipality of Vaz/Obervaz has installed a folding solar roof from the company dhp technology over its wastewater treatment plant on Lenzerheide. It is the second high alpine solar folding roof after Davos. This allows the sealed surface of the wastewater treatment plant to be used for solar energy.

The municipality of Vaz/Obervaz has commissioned a folding solar roof from the company dhp technology from Zizers over the ARA wastewater treatment plant on the Lenzerheide. This means that almost half of the wastewater treatment plant’s electricity needs can be met from solar energy, according to a media release.

According to this, the foldable solar plant at 1500 meters above sea level makes it possible to use the winter sun in particular. Because of the reflection of sunlight in the snow and the generally low temperatures in winter, the solar system produces particularly efficiently there. If snow falls, the roof retracts automatically so that the modules are not covered. Even in the event of hail and storms, the roof folds up fully automatically with the help of a meteo algorithm.

In addition, no additional area is covered with the folding roof, but the area already sealed by the sewage treatment plant is used. At the same time, access to the treatment plant for construction and maintenance work remains guaranteed.

“As a municipality that lives from tourism, we strive to protect the environment and the landscape,” Andreas Hartmann, the municipality’s head of energy and projects, is quoted as saying in the media release. Vaz/Obervaz is also committed to a sustainable energy policy because it bears the Energy City label. ko