V-Locker builds bike parking garage for German city


Dübendorf ZH – V-Locker has won the public tender of the town of Mühlacker in Baden-Württemberg. Accordingly, an automated bicycle parking garage with ten towers will go into operation there in August 2023. It includes 120 individual boxes for bikes and accessories that can be operated via app.

The city of Mühlacker in Baden-Württemberg will offercommuters a V-Lockerbicycle parking garage at its train station starting this summer. According to a blog post, the Dübendorf company won the public tender for this construction. According to V-Locker CEO Jens Kirchhoff, “the outstanding advantages of the V-Locker system, such as digital operation via app, the short construction time and the fast installation time of just a few weeks, contributed significantly to the city’s positive decision in favor of the concept.”

The building will reportedly offer a total of 120 individual boxes for bikes, e-bikes and accessories in ten towers immediately adjacent to the platform. Users can open and close them via app. In addition, fast access to the station will also be provided with an approximately 160-meter-long and three-meter-wide lighted bike path. A first for V-Locker: a photovoltaic system will be installed on the building’s large south facade.

The fact that the building can go into operation as early as August 2023 is related to its modular design, according to V-Locker. It is fully assembled in the factory, then loaded and transported to the construction site.

Meanwhile, V-Locker continues to expand its capabilities, the blog text continues. This is because the need for secure parking facilities for high-quality bicycles is increasing. Currently, various European cities are preparing tenders. mm