Umbrella organization founded for the expansion of small wind turbines


Sins AG – The Swiss umbrella organization Smallwindenergy has been founded to raise awareness of the potential of small wind power in the energy transition. The association sees itself as an information center for small wind turbines with a maximum height of up to 50 meters.

A total of 20 citizens from different regions and professional activities have launched the Swiss umbrella organization for small wind turbines up to 50 meters in height called Smallwindenergy. The basic idea is to become more independent in terms of sustainable electricity generation. To this end, small-scale wind power is to be promoted as a useful addition to the existing power supply, according to a press release. “With small wind turbines, the self-consumption rate can be significantly increased with a lower storage capacity and green electricity can be produced locally even in bad weather”, President Max Wyder is quoted as saying.

The association supports the use of decentralized small wind turbines in various sizes and designs. The purpose of the association also includes the promotion of standardized and defined framework conditions for the installation of turbines on and next to existing buildings for infrastructure, agriculture and industry. The systems can also be operated in combination with photovoltaics and could generate sustainable electricity locally even in bad weather. Due to their small size, no impact in terms of landscape and bird protection is to be feared. They could be approved regionally without an environmental impact assessment and could therefore be put into operation quickly to generate green electricity.

The association is economically and politically independent and, according to its own information, is in contact with associations from neighboring countries. The plan is to involve Swiss authorities, institutions and the business community. Regular events, exhibitions and plant tours are intended to familiarize citizens with the technology and the associated contribution to self-sufficient electricity production. Membership is open to all legal and natural persons. ce/heg