Two Swiss organizations offer Charity Coffee


Kriens LU/Hergiswil NW/Losone TI – Original Food and the non-profit association SAED Etiopia from Ticino support the Kaffa region in Ethiopia. Together, they are now launching Charity Coffee made from the coffee that grows wild there. From this, donations flow into the construction and operation of a small village clinic.

Two Swiss organizations, Original Food GmbH and SAED Etiopia, are joining forces for the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, according to a media release. At Original Food’s online store, they now sell Charity Coffee, an Arabica variety that grows wild in the mountain rainforest area.

Original Food GmbH, based in Hergiswil, sees itself as a social enterprise and has been operating the KaffaWerkstatt in Kriens since 2018. By importing, roasting and selling wild coffee from this region, Original Food has been generating income for around 8,000 farming families in one of the poorest and most inaccessible areas of Ethiopia since 2005.

The non-profit association SAED Etiopia has also been active in the same region for several years. It supports educational and health projects there. With support from the North American Lalmba Association, SAED Etiopia was able to expand the 2022 Village Clinic to improve care for women during pregnancy, childbirth and infant care in Agaro Bushi. Now the construction of a simple accommodation for the clinic staff is on the agenda.

“We want to support SAED Etiopia with the sale of the Agaro Bushi Charity Coffee and donate 5 francs to the project for each package sold,” Maria Müller Steiner, owner of Original Food, is quoted as saying. “In addition, a private donor adds another two francs on top.” Buyers can also donate a voluntary amount in the online store. mm