Too Good To Go optimizes management for minimum shelf life


Zurich – Too Good To Go has developed software that digitizes the management of shelf life data. With the help of the Too Good To Go platform, which is based on artificial intelligence, retailers can also record and redistribute surplus food.

The Danish company Too Good To Go, which has its Swiss headquarters in Zurich, is supplementing its app of the same name, which restaurants and stores can use to sell surplus food to consumers at favorable conditions and thus avoid waste. According to a press release, the company has now expanded its offering with the Too Good To Go ‘Platform’ merchandise management module. Its modular software, built using artificial intelligence (AI), now enables retailers to efficiently record and redistribute food thanks to the automated management of best-before dates (BBD). The B2B solution not only helps to reduce food waste, but also saves time and money. To date, Too Good To Go has mainly worked with retailers such as Carrefour, SPAR, Coop, Migros and others. The new module also enables small retailers to make optimum use of the system.

“With the introduction of the Too Good To Go ‘platform’, we can now also support local goods management and help retailers to make an even greater contribution to reducing food waste,” said Mette Lykke, CEO of Too Good To Go, in the press release.

Too Good To Go-‘Platform’ integrates five modules in one interface and offers partners a customized solution. The modules include best-before management, intelligent recommendations, in-store discounting, the Too Good To Go marketplace and donations.

“The digitalization of MHD and the modular structure of the Too Good To Go ‘platform’ focus on simplification for store employees. Predefined rules and support from AI enable efficient and cost-effective integration into daily processes at the point of sale,” explains Georg Strasser-Müller, Country Director of Too Good To Go Switzerland and Austria. ce/ww