Timber Finance informs about CO2 methodology in timber construction


Zurich – Timber Finance is working on establishing timber construction as a market for CO2 certificates. The company’s CO2 methodology has now received initial recognition. Timber Finance is offering an online information event on February 8 for anyone interested in timber construction.

Timber Finance has been working since 2022 to establish timber construction on the market for CO2 storage certificates. The company recently received an ICROA CO2 certificate standard for its methodology developed for this purpose, Timber Finance reports in a press release. The competence center for modern timber investments expects to receive final approval for its CO2 storage technology in the course of the year.

For the pilot phase of the methodology, Timber Finance invites interested parties from the property development, architecture, engineering, project development, real estate sector as well as general and total contractors to register their planned or ongoing timber buildings as pilot projects for CO2 certification. On February 8, the Competence Center will also be hosting an online seminar on the topic. The approach of generating financing contributions for timber construction projects via CO2 storage certificates is explained in detail here, according to the event announcement. ce/hs