Thermoplan reduces CO2 with logistics company Planzer


Weggis LU/Dietikon ZH – Thermoplan is reducing its CO2 emissions by planning deliveries more intelligently. The Lucerne-based manufacturer of coffee vending machines is assisted in this by its new logistics partner Planzer. This also benefits.

On the way to its net zero target by 2050, Thermoplan has now optimized its supplier routes. According to the manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, clever supply chain management saves ways and money, “also thanks to a new logistics company”.

Together with the new logistics partner Planzer from Dietikon, delivery routes and concepts have been redesigned. The idea, he said, is that trucks would be loaded more efficiently, meaning they would carry more pallets and drive fewer miles. The now “clever planning” now provides for collective deliveries instead of trucks arriving and departing with individual loaded pallets.

For this purpose, a truck picks up the goods from various suppliers and then heads for a collective warehouse where the various pallets are temporarily stored. From there, they are transported by rail to the Senn rail center in Seewen SZ, where Planzer has a headquarters. The logistics provider then delivers to Thermoplan by truck.

As Thermoplan calculates, this reduces the truck route per pallet from 100 to 30 kilometers on the way from Küsnacht to Weggis. Instead of around 50 deliveries with less than six or even single pallets, the trucks are now well loaded with their collective deliveries, he said. Together with the partial shift of transports from road to rail, this would enable a “massive CO2 reduction”.

For Planzer, this concept reportedly means optimizing empty containers and avoiding congestion and waiting times for drivers. It reduces delivery frequencies by more than 50 percent and saves about half the costs, he said. mm