Textile color dyes biodegradable


Sevelen SG – Textilcolor can now dye polyester even more sustainably. The traditional company from Sevelen has developed a biodegradable variant of its Ecodye process. In this process, water, energy and time are saved and CO2 emissions are avoided.

Textilcolor AG has developed a biodegradable variant of its sustainable process for dyeing polyester. At the same time, the new Ecodye BIO could also be dosed, informs the traditional company from Sevelen in a statement. Textilcolor develops and distributes sustainable products for the textile and specialty chemical industries.

When polyester is dyed, the dye diffuses into the fibers, which open at very high temperatures. Here, the Ecodye process developed by the company represents a “standard for sustainable dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes,” Textilcolor writes. At Ecodye, polyester can be prewashed, dyed and posttreated in a single bath. This saves water, energy and time, and reduces the carbon footprint. hs