Textilcolor avoids chemical pollutants


Sevelen SG – Textilcolor AG joins an international initiative to ban chemical pollutants from production. With this step, the manufacturer of textile dyes and auxiliaries aims to expand its sustainable and environmentally compatible production.

Textilcolor AG of Sevelen, Switzerland, has announced that it has joined the international Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals(ZDHC) initiative. The Amsterdam-based non-profit foundation has now been joined by more than 150 companies from the chemical industry. It is committed to eliminating pollutants from the global supply chain of the fashion industry.

In the production of sustainable textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs, Textilcolor avoids, among other things, the use of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS/PFC). The company thus complies with the legal rules applicable from April 2023. At the same time, it supports customers and contractors in the implementation of this project and helps in the selection of alternatives.

“In recent years, ZDHC has become one of the industry’s best-known programs for advancing chemical and wastewater management, and thus protecting our planet,” explains Textilcolor CEO Detlef Fischer. “As a participant in the ZDHC program, we clearly express our commitment and hope to actively contribute to the further development of the initiative.” eb