Switzerland’s largest fish farm is built in Mollis


Mollis GL – The building lease contract for the largest fish farm in Switzerland has been signed. Swiss Blue Salmon AG plans to invest 130 million Swiss francs in animal-friendly and ecological salmon farming and create 50 jobs. A 17,000 square foot solar array is planned on the building.

The largest fish farm in Switzerland of Swiss Blue Salmon AG “will definitely be built in Mollis”. This is announced by the future operators of a land-based recirculation plant for Atlantic salmon in a media release. The building lease agreement has now been signed, he said. “This is expected to result in 50 new jobs in the region and investments of around 130 million Swiss francs.”

Swiss Blue Salmon wants to take a leading role in the rapidly growing Swiss aquaculture industry as well as become known “for a minimal ecological footprint and a high level of animal welfare,” he said. “Today, 99 percent of salmon is imported and comes from partly questionable sources,” initiator and CEO Ruedi Ryf is quoted as saying. “We bring this production to Switzerland and contribute to the development towards locally and sustainably produced food. In the process, jobs are created, food security increases, and the climate and wildlife are protected.”

According to him, state-of-the-art technologies such as sensors, image recognition, artificial intelligence and Big Data are used for the welfare of the animals and their health. The water is recycled. With 17,000 square meters, one of the largest solar plants in Switzerland is being built on the building. Water from Lake Walen is used for cooling. And with regard to sustainable fish feed, there is great potential for additional Glarus innovation, for example through the cultivation of mushrooms and other raw materials or in insect breeding, according to the release. ce/mm