Swiss WorldCargo flies first SAF-compensated cargo


Kloten ZH – Swiss WorldCargo has a first customer who offsets the emissions of his cargo flight with sustainable fuels (Sustainable Aviation Fuels, SAF). The first Swiss WorldCargo cargo aircraft operated in this way has now flown from Barcelona to Narita in Japan via Zurich.

Swiss WorldCargo celebrates its first SAF-compensated freight shipment. According to a media release, the first SAF-compensated cargo shipment recently flew from Barcelona to Narita via Zurich. This brings the Swiss WorldCargo business unit“a significant step closer to the breakthrough for SAF and thus to a greener future in aviation,” according to the air freight company.

The sensitive pharmaceutical shipment had arrived at its destination on time. The air freight company says it is “pleased with the growing willingness of its customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their shipments.” He said the compensated cargo is just the first in a series of regular SAF-compensated shipments this first customer will make with Swiss WorldCargo through the end of March 2023. mm