Swiss textile brands present Zero Waste concepts


Zurich – At the Zurich Design Weeks from August 31 to September 9, six Swiss textile brands will show how waste-free products can be realized. The Design for Circularity exhibition features Freitag, Qwestion, Neumühle, Lavi, the Blue suit and Stuned.

Design for Circularity is the name of an exhibition as part of Zurich Design Weeks in which Swiss textile producers provide insights into their processes. They are all considered pioneers when it comes to thinking about textile products from the outset in such a way that they do not become waste in the end. The brands Freitag, Qwstion, Neumühle, Lavie, the Blue suit and Stuned will be showing how their so-called Zero Waste concepts can be realized in a temporary storage space in Zurich’s Kreis 4 from August 31 to September 9.

The exhibition is embedded in the Circular Circuit program area. Zurich Design Weeks is also dedicated to this special program with showrooms and talks.

From the city and canton of Zurich are the bag manufacturers Freitag, Qwstion and Stuned. They all rely on different concepts on the way to fully recyclable products. The Neumühle label, also based in Zurich, manufactures and sells durable and recyclable clothing made from just one family of materials. Lavie from Langenthal BE focuses on home textiles made from natural materials, supports environmental initiatives, and ships in bags made from recycled PET and via climate-neutral shipping. And the Blue suit from Kreuzlingen TG has designed, among other things, the first cradle-to-cradle denim collection.

In their presentation of this exhibition, the organizers point out that the potential of the circular economy is now also recognized by politicians. In the fall of 2022, for example, the electorate of the Canton of Zurich voted by 89 percent to enshrine the circular economy in law. In addition, the city of Zurich has joined the global Circular Cities initiative. ce/mm