Swiss tech industry leads the way in climate protection


Zurich – Swissmem member companies have already achieved their 2030 targets for reducing their own CO2 emissions, according to the association. According to a survey, the Swiss tech industry is also leading the way in terms of reduction targets along the value chain.

The Swiss mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metalworking and related technology-oriented industries play a pioneering role in meeting their so-called Scope 3 climate targets in an international industry comparison. This is the result of a survey among Swissmem members. It was conducted by the industry association in cooperation with the consulting firm Roland Berger.

According to the survey, 60 percent of the responding companies intend to reduce their Scope 3 emissions – i.e. those that occur along the value chain – by up to 20 percent. The remaining 40 percent have even more ambitious goals, according to a media release. 76 percent already want to implement this by 2030. Of these, 73 percent cite the purchase of environmentally compatible goods and 62 percent the development of energy-efficient machinery as the most important measures.

According to the survey results, the most commonly cited reasons for reducing Scope 3 emissions are investor expectations (55 percent), customer pressure (41 percent) and the opportunity to position themselves as an attractive employer (41 percent). The most important obstacle cited by 71 percent was the lack of a coherent method for collecting data.

For Scope 1 targets – emissions for which companies are directly responsible or controlled – member companies have already achieved their 2030 reduction targets, according to the release. “By international standards, Swissmem member companies are setting ambitious goals,” said Swissmem Deputy Director Jean-Philippe Kohl. “I am particularly pleased that SMEs are also fully on board in this regard.” mm