Swiss Health & Nutrition launches packaging without waste


St.Gallen – Swiss Health & Nutrition AG presents a waste-free packaging concept. The packaging for the food and vital substance preparations of its Be the Change brand is made from renewable raw materials and rejoins a regenerative cycle.

The St.Gallen-based start-up Swiss Health & Nutrition AG is launching a packaging concept without waste. According to a media release, the Be the Change private label is completely waste-free, both in food production and packaging. These are completely recyclable or compostable. They would be gently produced from renewable raw materials and should not only leave no waste behind, but also rejoin a regenerative cycle.

According to the company, the bags of the packaging are certified compostable. The cardboard packaging is Cradle to Cradle certified and therefore 100 percent cycle-capable, he said. This also applies to the colors. In the case of conventional cardboard packaging, up to one-third of non-recyclable slag remains even when recycled. He also said the types of glass used are durable, refillable and recyclable with amber glass.

According to Swiss Health & Nutrition, no raw materials are used that are derived from food sources for humans or animals. Corn is given as an example. Packaging for Be the Change brand products came exclusively from renewable organic residues.

“Nutrition always goes hand in hand with consumption,” company founder and CEO Sven Altorfer is quoted as saying. “The choice of what to buy is only one side of the coin. The other is the offer. With Be the Change, we offer a comprehensive solution for the regenerative cycle of sustainable food.” gba