Sustainable technologies need promotion


Bern – The National Research Program Sustainable Economy has developed recommendations for policymakers on the transition to a sustainable economy. Among other things, environmental impacts should be incorporated into market prices. Sustainable technologies and innovations need support.

The National Research Programme Sustainable Economy: resource-efficient, future-oriented, innovative(NRP 73) of the Swiss National Science Foundation(SNSF) carried out a total of 29 research projects between 2016 and 2023. They have produced scientific findings for a sustainable economy, the SNSF explains in a statement. Barbara Dubach, founder and managing director of the competence center engageability, has acted as head of knowledge transfer of NRP 73.

At the conclusion of the program, NRP 73 sets out a total of eight specifications for the transition to a sustainable economy in the “Policy Recommendations” guide. For example, the guide recommends promoting sustainable technologies and innovations through sustainable financial instruments. Environmental impacts should be incorporated into market prices. The federal government is required to play a model role in areas such as environmental standards, procurement and subsidies. “Combining voluntary initiatives with legal incentives in the private sector creates a win-win situation where both nature and welfare are enhanced,” Gunter Stephan, co-chair of NRP 73, is quoted as saying in the release.

As part of the program, researchers worked closely with partners from business, the public sector and civil society, explains Regina Betz, co-president of NRP 73. “For example, they were able to develop innovative, financially viable circular business models – in the construction industry and with equipment manufacturers – that close the resource loop and combine economic and environmental goals.” ce/hs