Sustainable Switzerland launches new training program


Zurich – Sustainable Switzerland has launched a new training program for SMEs. Participants receive theoretical and practical knowledge for the transformation to a sustainable company.

The NZZ Sustainable Switzerland initiative launched a new further education program on 23 February 2024. It is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sustainability officers, as detailed in a press release.

The offering consists of freely accessible webinars, live sessions, content formats and modular masterclasses that require a license. The masterclasses are aimed at companies, especially SMEs, whose sustainability strategy needs to be successful, as well as sustainability officers.

Sustainable Switzerland sees SMEs in particular confronted with major challenges. According to NZZ CEO Felix Graf, these companies should be made fit for today and tomorrow by “acquiring and expanding sustainability skills”. Webinars provide participants with useful theoretical and practical information on specific sustainability issues. This includes dealing with regulatory requirements and the use of software tools and artificial intelligence.

Two partners were involved in the development of the masterclasses: Swiss Climate, a consultancy specializing in CO2 management, sustainability and energy, and XU School of Sustainability, an online learning platform for sustainability skills.

Supplementary live sessions and expert panels serve to further exchange knowledge and experience. In cooperation with selected university partners, certified CAS and MAS courses will also be added in the future. ce/heg