Sustainability should strengthen the financial center


Zurich – Economiesuisse sets out six guidelines for sustainable financing. They are intended to contribute to sustainable business globally and strengthen Switzerland as a business and financial center. The trade association is opposed to bans and relies on the forces of the market economy.

Economisuisse has drawn up six guidelines to enable Switzerland to take advantage of the opportunities offered by sustainable financing and to overcome the associated challenges. “As a leading global business and financial center, Switzerland has great leverage to contribute to the global sustainability transition through sustainable finance,” the trade association writes in a statement on the guidelines. At the same time, the country could “also benefit greatly” from this. However, he said, Switzerland “as a small state” must deal pragmatically and proportionately with international developments and pay attention to its international ties.

Sustainability should be thought of in “holistic ecological, economic and social terms,” is the first guideline. With the second guideline, economiesuisse calls for “a market-based, evidence-based approach” and “no prohibitive thinking.” The third guideline is dedicated to efficiently strengthening transparency and comparability.

In the fourth guideline, the trade association calls for improvements in the framework conditions for plants and investments. Switzerland must “proceed in an internationally ambitious and coordinated manner, but at the same time in a self-confident and independent manner,” according to the fifth guideline. The sixth guideline focuses on strengthening cooperation between the real economy and the financial sector. hs