SUSI Partners secures financing for Polish energy project


Zug/Zurich/Warsaw – SUSI Partners has secured debt financing for a 167 megawatt portfolio of photovoltaic and wind plants in Poland on behalf of the SUSI Energy Transition Fund. The investment comes from the Swedish company P Capital Partners.

SUSI Partners has received debt financing from the Swedish company P Capital Partners for a Polish portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind plants, according to a press release. Together they have a capacity of 167 megawatts. SUSI Partners was commissioned by the SUSI Energy Transition Fund (SETF) to procure debt financing.

All projects were brought to construction maturity by its portfolio company Luneos Green Energy (LGE). This is a joint venture between SUSI and the Polish energy service provider Luneos. It has reportedly built up a project pipeline of more than 1 gigawatt since it was founded in 2021.

The majority of the projects in this first tranche will enter the construction phase at the beginning of 2024 and are scheduled to go into operation a year later. While they “will generate their income entirely from the electricity market, LGE will also consider other income models for other project portfolios”. LGE’s “strong focus on avoiding environmental and social risks, which includes rigorous screening of supply chains” also contributed to the successful completion of the transaction.

With the secured debt financing for a portfolio of decentralized solar PV plants in Chile and the Polish project portfolio within a few months, SUSI has once again firmly positioned itself in the credit market and will procure debt financing for further SETF portfolio companies in the coming months. ce/mm