SodaBär and Swiss Post close the loop on CO2 cartridges


Zurich/Bern – SodaBär GmbH and Swiss Post are now offering free shipping of CO2 cartridges. With this action, the two companies want to close loops and thus act for environmental protection and sustainability. For example, free shipping is also intended to save PET beverage bottles.

SodaBär, Zurich-based supplier of carbon dioxide pressure bottles, has entered into a partnership with Swiss Post, according to a media release. This is intended to promote a circular economy and sustainability. SodaBär’s customers now receive boxes for replacing CO2 cartridges not only free of charge. The Post Office will also collect empty bottles and return them to the SodaBär factory for refilling, free of charge.

Customers order the carbon dioxide cylinders for this purpose in a SodaBär exchange box, which is delivered by mail. Once the cylinders are emptied, the box with the return label is placed in a household’s milk crate. A special returns tab on the milk crate signals to the post office that the shipment is ready for pickup. The label is needed for the identification of customers. The post office returns the empty cylinders to SodaBär’s plant in Freiburg im Breisgau for refilling and the cycle is thus closed.

With this environmentally friendly and sustainable campaign, Swiss Post and SodaBär want to reduce both the costly production of mineral water and the consumption of PET bottles. With the new option, the company also wants to reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding frequent and long transports, explains Rainer Kirchhofer, Managing Director of SodaBär Switzerland, according to the press release. In the future, the footprint will be further reduced by using reusable exchange boxes and labels. eb