Smartflyer wins Invero as investor


Selzach SO/Altdorf – Smartflyer has brought Invero AG on board as an investor. The capital company, which focuses on sustainable investments, is thus supporting the long-term economic development of smartflyer and the certification of its four-seater electric aircraft with a so-called range extender.

Invero AG has joined smartflyer. According to the Solothurn-based aircraft manufacturer, the investment company from Altdorf intends to support the long-term economic development of the aircraft manufacturer and the certification of the smartflyer. According to a media release, the latter is targeted by 2028. To date, the four-seat electric aircraft with range extender project has received funding from the federal government’s special aviation funding. This, in turn, is fed from the mineral oil tax and is intended, among other things, to improve environmental protection.

Investment firm Invero reportedly focuses on real estate and sustainable investments with direct and demonstrable positive social and environmental impacts. “It wasn’t just the experienced team behind the smartflyer that convinced me,” Invero partner and co-founder Gerhard Prammer is quoted as saying. “Smartflyer clearly fills a gap in aviation for distances up to 800 kilometers, and does so in a sustainable way.”

The smartflyer is an electric aircraft for four people. Its range extender, a gasoline engine, provides additional power exclusively to the batteries via a generator, but no direct power to the propellers. The “modular energy storage system can be converted from a hybrid to a pure battery drive in just a few simple steps,” explains smartflyer Managing Director Rolf Stuber.

Prototype 2 of the smartflyer is currently being assembled in Selzach. The first flight is scheduled for the end of 2023 at the Payerne VD military airbase. However, as Stuber told the “Grenchner Tagblatt”, he hopes that the production of the further Smartflyer aircraft will again take place at the original company headquarters in Grenchen and their flying-in at Grenchen Airport. mm