Semadeni supports Coop in circular economy project


Ostermundingen BE/Winterthur/Basel – The Coop division Steinfels Swiss has worked out a recycling loop with Semadeni Plastics and other partners: new plastic bottles are created from Steinfels recyclate. The first recycled bottle made from this recyclate, Fox Sunny Citrus hand washing detergent, has recently become available at Coop.

Steinfels Swiss, a division of the Coop Cooperative, has launched its first product in a recycled bottle made from its own recyclate: the Fox Sunny Citrus hand washing detergent has recently hit the shelves at Coop. The bottle was developed and launched by the Winterthur-based specialist for sustainable cosmetics, detergents, cleaning and hygiene products together with partners.

For process development, they were assisted by the Semadeni Plastic Group from Ostermundingen and its group company Biplast based in Sitterdorf TG, as well as Recoplast, the reprocessor of plastics for further processing based in Gretzenbach SO. “When selecting our partners for container recycling and bottle production, I only considered environmentally certified Swiss companies,” Christian Koch, head of Steinfels Swiss, is quoted as saying in a media release. “With the combined expertise, we were able to turn our vision of our own recycling loop into reality.”

Steinfels Swiss has been taking back bidons from its customers in restaurants, hotels, homes and hospitals for many years. Until now, they have been processed into granules for rather low quality requirements. Now, however, the partners have spent two years developing a closed-loop system for high-quality granules. As Patrick Semadeni, Managing Director of Semadeni Plastics Group and Vice President of the umbrella organization responsible for sustainability, explains, the production of virgin material (virgin HD-PE) “generates almost five times more emissions than the use of recycled material”. ce/mm