Selfrag opens first incinerated waste treatment plant


Kerzers FR/Full-Reuenthal AG – Selfrag has opened the country’s first plant for recovering materials from incinerated waste in Full-Reuenthal. At the so-called Centro Uno, metals and minerals are recovered from slag at a rate of 50 percent.

Selfrag AG, based in Kerzers, has opened the first waste-to-value plant in this country in Full-Reuenthal. At Centro Uno, recyclable materials such as metals and minerals can be recovered from slag from waste recycling plants, according to a media release.

According to the report, the plant achieves the industry’s highest recovery rate of 50 percent. Annually, 35,000 tons of slag are to be processed at Centro Uno instead of ending up in landfills. The slag comes from three different waste recycling plants in the cantons of Aargau and Lucerne.

For the recovery of metals, iron oxide and mineral products, Selfrag AG uses its proprietary, patented technology. High-voltage pulse generators and modern process technology are used to fragment and separate the materials. Subsequently, the materials can be returned to the material cycle.

“We are proud to open our Centro Uno,” Anton Affentranger, lead investor and chairman of the board at Selfrag, is quoted as saying in the media release. The commissioning is a significant milestone in the history of the company and for the circular economy in Switzerland. The company’s vision is to build waste-to-value plants throughout Switzerland and “contribute to a nationwide paradigm shift in resource recovery.”

Dieter Egli, member of the Aargau government, also emphasized the great environmental benefits of the plant in his speech at the inauguration ceremony, according to the release. ce/ko