SEAS works with Xylem on air-to-water technology


Lugano/Washington D.C. – Greater Zurich Area-based Société de l’Eau Aerienne Suisse (SEAS) will work with Xylem to further develop its technology that extracts water from the air. In this way, the American company, which is active worldwide in water management, aims to promote an alternative water supply.

According to a media release, the Lugano-based company SEAS will be given the opportunity to further develop its own technology with the world’s leading water technology company Xylem, which is based in the American capital Washington. For more than a decade, SEAS has been involved in the development and commercialization of systems that extract moisture from ambient air. Thus, the company aims to produce water for human consumption as well as for agricultural and industrial applications.

According to the company, a special capability of the SEAS system is that the large volumes of hot and cold air generated by the system’s condensation process can be integrated into customers’ heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This will significantly reduce energy consumption.

“Investment in water solutions continues to grow as communities and businesses around the world face greater challenges in the face of climate change,” Kyle Schoenheit is quoted as saying. He is an Innovation Manager with Xylem’s global innovation team from Xylem Innovation Labs. “Alternative water supply is part of that equation.” With SEAS, Xylem said it wants to “advance this important work” as part of its first commercial acceleration program.

“The collaboration with Xylem represents an important milestone in the growth of our company,” said Lawrence G. Graev, one of the founding partners of SEAS. His team is looking forward to developing exciting projects together. SEAS maintains offices in Abu Dhabi and New York in addition to its headquarters in Lugano. Its distribution network spans from Australia, Vietnam and the Maldives to India, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. ce/mm