Schaffhausen seeks operators for heating networks


Beringen SH – The planned data center in Beringen can supply energy to one existing and three new heating networks. This is the conclusion of a feasibility study. The cantonal economic development agency is the point of contact for potential operators of the alliances.

Stack Infrastructure Switzerland SA is building a large data center in Beringen by 2025. The Swiss subsidiary of the global specialist for large data centers aims to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. The engineering company Amstein + Walthert has now prepared a feasibility study for the use of waste heat for heat networks on behalf of the Schaffhausen building department.

According to the study, the energy requirement of the data center in its final configuration is 30 megawatts, the thermal waste heat capacity is 9 to 15 megawatts, and the amount of waste heat is at least 79 gigawatt hours per year. Of this, a maximum of 26 gigawatt hours can be used for thermal grids.

The feasibility study concludes that the thermal energy of the data center can be used, on the one hand, for the expansion of an existing heat network in Beringen and for three new networks. The canton, the city of Schaffhausen, the municipality of Beringen and Stack now hope that companies will show interest in setting up and operating such heating networks. According to a statement by the cantonal energy office, the cantonal economic development agency is acting as a contact for interested parties. stk