Ruckstuhl presents sustainable carpet concept


Langenthal BE – Carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl has launched Fellow – Metamorphosis of a Rug, a sustainable carpet concept. The project was presented at Milan Design Week 2023.

The carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl AG, the architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann and the online media company DAAily presented the project Fellow – Metamorphosis of a Rug at this year’s Design Week in Milan. Its goal, according to a media release, is to make the design, manufacture, distribution and use of a carpet more ecological.

For example, the Fellow carpets designed by Hürlemann are to be produced and traded decentrally in order to minimize freight traffic with shorter delivery routes. Ruckstuhl intends to cooperate with other carpet manufacturers to build up a network of production facilities. In this context, the partner manufacturers will focus on decentralized production: they will produce these carpets to order and according to Ruckstuhl’s specifications where they are needed.

In order to bind users more strongly to the product, Stephan Hürlemann has designed each Fellow carpet as a unique piece. The life story and increase in value of these tokens is recorded in a separate online diary and resale is organized via NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

“Ruckstuhl has been producing carpets from natural fibers since 1881. Sustainability is deeply rooted in our DNA,” Adrian Berchtold, Managing Director of the carpet manufacturer Ruckstuhl, is quoted as saying in the statement. “Nevertheless, we too need to question our established ways, identify areas for action and improve. The Fellow Project serves as a roadmap for us to do so.” Those involved in the project hope that their new ideas for processes, services and rituals can potentially be applied to other goods. ce/ww