Romande Energie acquires a stake in Proxipel


Morges VD/Le Vaud VD – Romande Energie acquires a 4.5 percent stake in Proxipel. The start-up produces mobile equipment for the production of pellets from green waste. With this investment, the electricity provider wants to promote Proxipel’s business idea and the energy transition in western Switzerland.

Romande Energie, a utility company based in Morges, western Switzerland, has acquired a 4.5 percent stake in Proxipel, a start-up based in Le Vaud. By investing in the start-up for mobile processing of biomass into heating pellets, Romande Energie wants to contribute to the energy transition in Western Switzerland, according to a media release. Due to the current gas shortage, pellets are also in high demand.

Proxipel manufactures mobile pellet production equipment that is mounted on truck trailers. They convert green waste into pellets as they travel from site to site. Because of its drivability, a facility can be used by municipalities and their forestry services in any location where green waste is generated. It is also suitable for waste collection points, always provided that the wood is untreated.

“With our investment in this start-up, we want to help amplify Proxipel’s impact. Romande Energie is a specialist in renewable energy, including biomass, and focuses on local procurement. We welcome the ingenuity and sustainability of this concept for our important transition to clean energy,” Paolo Pizzolato, head of venture capital at Romande Energie, is quoted as saying in the media release. ko