Remei celebrates 40th company anniversary


Rotkreuz ZG – Remei has been producing and trading textiles for 40 years. The producer and processor of fair trade organic cotton is celebrating by launching a campaign for traceable organic cotton textiles. Remei calls its solution innovative and system-changing.

Remei is celebrating its 40th anniversary and 40 years of pioneering work this year. To mark the occasion, the textile trading company has launched a comprehensive campaign highlighting it as a pioneer and specialist in an integrated and fair value chain from fiber to finished textile, according to a media release. The focus is said to be on its “innovative and system-changing” solution for traceable organic cotton textiles. In the coming weeks, more motifs will be published on the website and in social media.

Just ten years after its founding in 1983, Remei established organic cotton operations in India and Tanzania, beginning a direct and participatory relationship with local organic cotton farmers. Since 2008, the company has been trading exclusively in organic cotton. Since 2013, all textiles from the supply chain have been digitally traceable back to their origin.

Remei now reportedly works with 5,000 independent farmers. “We integrate farmers into the supply chain and focus not on shareholder value, but on All-HolderValue – by including all actors* in the value creation,” Simon Hohmann, co-managing director and son of the company’s founder, is quoted as saying in the statement.

Remei founder Patrick Hohmann had already introduced the concept of all-holder value into the company’s philosophy. It stands for “a balance between financial, human and environmental needs, a different way of doing business that creates value for all those involved in the production process and distributes it fairly.” ww