Regionalwerke AG Baden presents sustainability report for the first time


Baden AG – Regionalwerke AG Baden presented a sustainability report for the first time at its annual general meeting in addition to its annual report. In fiscal year 2022, the supply mandate was reliably met despite the threat of shortages.

Regionalwerke AG Baden (RWB) has presented a continued solid business result for 2022 at its annual general meeting, according to a media release. RWB is publishing a sustainability report for the first time in parallel with the 2022 Annual Report. At the General Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, reports were also given on projects such as the expansion of the Baden North energy center, which will begin in 2022, and other plans.

Fiscal 2022 has challenged Regional Works due to the tight energy situation with skyrocketing energy prices and looming shortages, the release said. Nevertheless, RWB was able to reliably fulfill its supply mandate for customers.

Due to the energy situation, the RWB sold about 15 percent less gas in 2022 than in previous years. The threat of energy shortages and high prices prompted customers to save, and industry in particular switched in part to other energy sources, such as oil, the statement said. RWB had drawn important lessons from the situation and taken precautions such as the large district heating projects, expansion and optimization of biogas production, addition of photovoltaics and services for electromobility.

RWB started in 2022 with the expansion of the Baden North energy center and the preparations for the construction of the new energy center at the Terrassenbad. In Nesselnbach, the capacity of the biogas upgrading plant was increased by around 30 percent per year. In the CO2 recovery plant operated with Recycling Energie AG, the CO2 produced in the biogas process is liquefied and sold to industry in food quality. ce/gba