ProSeed and Zenhäusern bake brewer’s grains


Sion – The bakery Zenhäusern Frères SA bakes baguettes enriched with vegetable protein for three months. The protein is extracted from brewer’s grains, a by-product of beer production, using a technology developed by the start-up ProSeed.

ProSeed has developed a protein concentrate from brewer’s grains in over a year of research and development. Now, the startup’s concentrate is being used by Zenhäusern Frères SA, according to a statement.

The Valais bakery and restaurant business will be baking baguettes enriched with the concentrate for the next three months. The baguette has been on sale in the 15 branches of the Zenhäusern bakery since the beginning of February.

Aurélien Ducrey hopes the collaboration will have a signal effect. “We hope that through this successful collaboration, other European food companies will realize the potential of these neglected byproducts and use our upgraded raw materials for their products as well,” ProSeed’s co-founder is quoted as saying in the release.

Brewer’s grains are a by-product of beer production. The founders of ProSeed want their solution to reduce the amount of food waste and promote a circular economy in the industry. ProSeed Ingredients SA was founded in early 2023 and is headquartered in Sion. stk