Proman to produce biofuels with Origin Materials


Wollerau SZ/West Sacramento – The Schwyz-based company Proman wants to explore the production and global distribution of low-carbon biofuels with methanol producer Origin Materials. Origin wants to provide intermediate products from the utilization of biomass for this purpose.

Proman, based in Wollerau in the canton of Schwyz, and California-based Origin Materials have signed a partnership to explore the production and global distribution of low-carbon biofuels. In doing so, Proman, as a leading supplier of natural gas-based products and one of the largest methanol producers in the world, will contribute its expertise in methanol as well as global shipping and supply chain capabilities, according to a media release.

Origin intends to produce bio-based fuels using its patented technology platform that converts the carbon contained in sustainable wood residues into useful products. “In the long term, we see the potential for biomass-derived, low-carbon fuels to be used in shipping and other transportation, industrial applications, heat and power generation, and much more,” Origins co-CEO Rich Riley is quoted as saying.

Proman CEO David Cassidy sees tremendous potential in biofuels to reduce emissions in global supply chains. “That’s why we’re excited to be working with Origin Materials, which shares our commitment to innovation and our belief in methanol’s potential for more sustainable production. By combining Proman’s manufacturing expertise and extensive distribution network with Origin’s patented technology platform, we will break new ground in creating the building blocks for a lower environmental impact in our everyday lives.” ce/mm