Project Ünschi Härdöpfel wants to double harvest 2023


Davos – The Ünschi Härdöpfel project of the NextGenerations association aims to grow 6 tons of potatoes in Davos in 2023, twice as much as last year. Funding is also secured through the World Economic Forum’s carbon offset. Now the Davos potato fields were plowed.

The Ünschi Härdöpfel project aims to bring food production back to the region. It relies on old potato varieties that are suitable for the high-altitude growing area around Davos. At the first harvest in 2022, the test fields could already yield 3 tons of potatoes, according to the project’s website. In 2023, the target is 6 metric tons.

On May 9, with the “plowing day”, according to officials, the cultivation for the current year has begun. This involved plowing fields with slopes of up to 29 degrees. Also present was skiing icon Paul Accola, World Cup winner in 1992.

Ünschi Härdöpfel was launched by Bioladen Davos and is supported by partners such as NextGenerations. One of the member firms of the corporate network for sustainability, the Zurich-based communications agency Live Lab, has been able to inspire one of its own clients for the project with its partners Richnerstutz and DavosWorks: The World Economic Forum is providing part of its CO2 compensation for Ünschi Härdöpfel. Local hotels are also very interested in the regionally produced potatoes.

NextGenerations also supports the Sana Giardin project in neighboring Saas. There, an old greenhouse is being revived for the production of vegetables and herbs, among other things. stk