Project Aufgabeln! is looking for participants


Aarau – The canton of Aargau is tackling food waste with the Aufgabeln! project. To this end, the population of the Aargau communities of Wallbach and Rheinfelden is being asked to measure their food waste. Ideas for reduction are to be worked out together afterwards.

Every year, every person in this country throws away around 90 kilograms of food, explains the General Secretariat of the Aargau Department of Construction, Transport and Environment in a statement. The aim here is to get to the bottom of food waste. In a first step, the exact extent of food losses is to be investigated in the municipalities of Wallbach and Rheinfelden.

To this end, the Sustainability Office of the Department of Construction, Transport and Environment, together with the Aarau-based start-up company catta, has launched the Aufgabeln! project. The project is looking for participants who will spend a total of seven days between August 28 and September 10 measuring exactly what and how much food ends up in their garbage. This does not require any prior knowledge, but only the possession of a kitchen scale. On the part of the cantonal administration, participants are provided with an online tool for entering the data. An analog tool is also available upon request. Interested parties are asked to register no later than August 15.

Wallbach and Rheinfelden were deliberately chosen so that the project could also investigate any differences between rural and urban communities in the way they handle food. Following the measurement action, a joint discussion of all participants with the communities and the project team is planned. From it, ideas for reducing food waste will be developed and recorded in a guide. ce/hs