Pratteln is supplied with climate-neutral heat


Pratteln BL – The cooperative Elektra Baselland (EBL) and the energy service provider Getec want to supply the greater Pratteln area with climate-neutral heat. Waste heat from Getec Park.Swiss in particular will be used for this purpose.

The cooperative Elektra Baselland(EBL) has entered into a far-reaching agreement with the energy and real estate service provider Getec Switzerland to supply heat to the greater Pratteln area. According to a press release, waste heat from the nearby Getec Park.Swiss industrial park at the Schweizerhalle site will be used for this purpose. This energy source, in combination with the existing resources of waste heat from the Rhine sewage treatment plant, wood from local forests and recycled wood, will supply residential, office, commercial and public buildings with heat. “The possible scope of services is pretty much in line with demand,” Markus Vögele, Project Manager at EBL, is quoted as saying in the press release.

Waste heat from Getec Park.Swiss, which is operated by Getec, is expected to contribute at least 26.5 gigawatt hours of electricity per year to the collaboration. This corresponds to the heating requirements of around 4500 households. By processing this amount of heat in the EBL district heating plant, 8300 tons of CO2 are to be saved annually. In the long term, the amount of heat is to be doubled.

“We are delighted that, together with EBL, we will be able to supply Pratteln with climate-neutral heat from the Schweizerhalle area in future and thus make an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions,” explains Urs Zimmerli, CEO of Getec Switzerland. ce/ww