Ponera launches modular packaging system for circular logistics


Lugano – Ponera Group has started production of a flexible and modular packaging system. With leading industry partners, the company aims to transform the logistics industry and orchestrate an effective circular economy.

Lugano-based Ponera Group has started production of its completely new industrial packaging system. As CEO Matthew Reali tells Startupticker.ch, the startup’s mission is to “enable circular logistics through our smart, modular and digitally-enabled industrial packaging solution and revolutionize the way goods are packaged and transported.”

Ponera’s innovative packaging system is often referred to as the Lego of packaging, the report says. It consists entirely of recycled polymers. Compared to previously used disposable wooden crates, Ponera says the modular packaging is 60 percent lighter, cuts CO2 emissions by 85 percent and reduces wood consumption by 95 percent.

Ponera modules can be assembled in different sizes and shapes, disassembled and reassembled after each use. In doing so, they are reportedly completely replacing disposable boxes and paving the way for a true circular economy in the logistics industry.

Now the company is starting commercial activities for its pallet system, he said. It is already being used in more than ten countries on three continents. With the integration of Internet of Things devices currently being tested, Ponera aims to make its modular system traceable and provide its clientele with control and transparency regarding supply chain processes and modules. Further projects are to be established for this purpose in the second half of the year. ce/mm