Plastic is collected in 900 Swiss municipalities


Olten SO – Plastics from households are collected in 900 municipalities in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Plastic Recyclers Association, the plastics are not incinerated but recycled. The campaign is already established in 23 cantons.

The VSPR (Swiss Plastic Recyclers Association) is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary and taking stock of its activities. According to the press release, 900 municipalities in Switzerland now offer mixed plastic collection. According to the Olten-based VSPR, volumes are increasing and quality is also improving. The association has been operating a certification system for plastic collections since 2020.

According to the press release, the VSPR comprises a total of eight certified system operators. In 2022, they collected around 10,000 tons of household plastics in 23 cantons and recycled them. New collection areas are constantly being developed and the system with plastic collection bags is being introduced.

A few days ago, according to the association, the 900. municipality decided to collect household plastics. A further 40 municipalities from various cantons are about to introduce the system, the report continues. Across Switzerland, over 4.7 million inhabitants in around 2.2 million households currently have the opportunity to collect and recycle their plastic. That is 55 percent of all households. The collection bags can be purchased at over 2000 points of sale and handed in at around 1000 collection points.

The VSPR is appealing to the public to help collect plastic from households. For every kilogram of plastic that is recycled instead of incinerated, 2.83 kilograms of CO2 are saved, according to the press release. At the same time, the use of 1 kilogram of regranulate from plastic waste can save 3 liters of crude oil compared to new material. ce/gba