Pexapark raises Series C financing of 20 million euros


Schlieren ZH – Pexapark has secured fresh capital of €20 million in a Series C financing round. With this, the pan-European consulting company intends to finance further innovations with regard to power purchase agreements as well as energy and portfolio management.

Pexapark has received €20 million in a Series C financing round. It was led by San Francisco-based global technology investor Telstra Ventures. Swisscom Ventures and the Spanish A&G Energy Transition Tech Fund also participated. All three are new investors looking to support Pexapark’s rapid growth in global renewable energy markets, according to a media release.

Founded in 2017 in Schlieren, Pexapark is an award-winning market research, software and consulting company specializing in renewable energy. It has supported more than 30,000 megawatts of power purchase agreements (PPAs) to date. This reportedly makes Pexapark the reference for the purchase, sale and management of renewable energy in Europe.

In March 2023 alone, Pexapark announced the largest number of PPAs signed to date, 23, for facilities totaling more than 2 gigawatts. In addition, Pexapark experts believe that the upcoming reform of the European PPA law could usher in a golden age of PPAs. “The renewable energy market is experiencing significant and sustained growth, driven by its competitive costs and strong policy support,” CEO Michael Waldner said in the recent release.

“We invested in Pexapark because we believe Pexapark is the world’s leading provider of energy risk management software for renewable energy investors and the leading source of market intelligence for renewable PPAs,” Albert Bielinko, partner at new lead investor Telstra Ventures, is quoted as saying. “As the world shifts to renewable energy and government subsidies are phased out, we believe Pexapark’s services will be indispensable.” ce/mm