Pexapark introduces new reference prices for green fuels


Schlieren ZH – Pexapark introduces new, daily updated reference prices for green hydrogen and ammonia. The PexaQuote platform provides an overview of the green fuels market with over 900 prices.

Energy consulting firm Pexapark is launching an innovative price benchmarking solution to support the growth of the emerging green fuels market, according to a media release. Pexapark’s new Green Fuel Prices give customers access to daily marginal cost reference prices for renewable hydrogen and ammonia. They are based on the input costs of renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) and the risk profile of producing green fuels with renewable energy, according to the release.

Pexapark’s green fuel prices provide a comprehensive overview of the green fuel market with more than 900 prices for various contract structures, markets, technologies, capacity ratios, durations and start dates, according to the company. Customers can view daily price changes and historical trends for renewable hydrogen and ammonia on the PexaQuote platform, it adds.

“Today is an important milestone for Pexapark as it provides price transparency for renewable hydrogen and ammonia, helping market participants address a key market challenge,” Pexapark CEO Michael Waldner is quoted as saying. Pexapark hopes that the introduction of a comprehensive reference price for green fuels across Europe will free up pent-up capital. This is intended to “flow into the sector, paving the way for the widespread implementation of large-scale green hydrogen projects.”

Green fuels are expected to play a key role in decarbonization. The European Union has set a target of 42 percent renewable hydrogen in industry by 2030 and 60 percent by 2035. ce/gba