PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG switches to district heating

Winterthur – PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG is converting its heating and hot water in Winterthur to district heating. The packaging company, which belongs to the PAWI Group, has invested 330,000 Swiss francs in connecting to the district heating network of the Winterthur public utility company.

PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG (PAWI) had already decided to connect to the district heating network of Stadtwerke Winterthur in 2021. Last year, Stadtwerke Winterthur installed high-performance district heating pipes near the company’s headquarters. As a result, the specialist for paper and cardboard packaging, which is part of the PAWI Group, was able to implement its decision.

PAWI has invested 330,000 Swiss francs in the conversion to district heating, the company explains in a press release. With the connection to the district heating network, the three large gas heating systems used to date will become superfluous. They had heated the offices and provided hot water for over a decade.

“Our decision to join Stadtwerke Winterthur’s district heating system is a further step towards a more sustainable future,” said Edoardo Finotti, Co-CEO Operations of the PAWI Group, in the press release. “It not only enables us to make considerable cost savings, but also contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.” In concrete terms, PAWI expects to avoid around 141 tons of CO2 emissions per year through district heating. Maintenance costs are also saved, as tanks, boilers and flue gas systems no longer need to be serviced. ce/hs