Participation in solar plant meets with great interest


Frauenfeld – The Frauenfeld energy supplier Thurplus has been able to sell all shares in a planned solar plant within one month. The plant on the roof of Keller-Stahl AG is to generate 140,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Thurplus now wants to develop further opportunities for participation.

The population of Frauenfeld shows great interest in participating in large solar plants. According to the municipal energy supplier Thurplus, it was able to sell all shares in a new photovoltaic plant planned for the roof of Keller-Stahl AG within a good month.

The plant includes 300 modules on an area of 700 square meters. It has a capacity of 140 kilowatts/peak and is expected to generate 140,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Two years ago, a similarly large plant had already been built on the roof of Keller-Stahl, which had also been financed through the participation of interested private parties.

The new plant is Thurplus‘ seventh investment facility. These have a total area of 3500 square meters and an output of 690 kilowatts/peak. Customers of Thurplus can participate in solar plants for as little as 300 francs. In return, they receive 100 kilowatt hours of electricity per year for 20 years for one square meter of solar surface.

Thurplus Managing Director Reto Lüthy sees the active participation of the city’s residents as confirmation of the company’s strategy. “For them, we are the key player in achieving the local energy transition,” he is quoted as saying in the release. Thurplus is now looking for further solar projects that can be realized in the participation model. ce/stk