Omya receives innovation award in USA for circular polymer solution


Oftringen AG/San Antonio – Omya has received the 2022 Europe New Product Innovation Award from global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan for its Omyaloop product. Omyaloop is the first certified fully recycled calcium carbonate product range for the polymer industry.

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Omyaloop the 2022 Europe New Product Innovation Award. Omyaloop is a new product family from Omya. The Aargau-based company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial materials, mainly calcium carbonate, dolomite and perlite, and distributes specialty chemicals worldwide.

Omyaloop is the first EU-certified, 100 percent recycled calcium carbonate product line for polymer applications on the market, according to a media release. It can also be used for food contact. Omyaloop was judged by the panel of industry analysts to be environmentally friendly, productive, sustainable, innovative and of high quality. All this sets the company apart from its competitors.

Omyaloop products are designed to help the polymer industry transition to a sustainable circular economy. They are available in the particle sizes most commonly used in polymer production.

Recycled calcium carbonate behaves similarly to “virgin,” according to Sama Suwal, best practices analyst at Frost & Sullivan, making it suitable for increasing the recycled content in end products. As such, it can “meet the industry’s stringent sustainability goals” because it can be used “immediately and completely” in conventional formulations as a replacement for carbon-intensive fillers. mm