OceanSafe receives German Sustainability Award


Düsseldorf/Bern – OceanSafe is one of the winners of the German Sustainability Award for Design, which was awarded for the first time. The Berne-based company convinced with its recyclable building kit system for the textile industry. The winners include Werner & Mertz.

The German Sustainability Award is awarded every year to sustainable top performances. This year it was awarded in the design category for the first time. The lively participation with a total of 104 finalists has shown “that with our new design competition we have taken up a sensitive and important topic that is particularly relevant despite or perhaps even because of the current pandemic,” Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator of the German Sustainability Award, is quoted in a announcement on the occasion of the award ceremony.

The 37 winners include OceanSafe. The company, which is based in Bern and Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia, convinced the jury with a modular system for the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. This is certified according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Standard. It thus ensures that all washed-out microfibres are harmless to the biological cycle. OceanSafe takes back the discarded textiles and feeds them into industrial composting. With its 18 different yarns, OceanSafe offers a remarkably wide and high-quality range.

The recyclable packaging of the Frosch brand from the supplier Werner & Mertz also received an award. Werner & Mertz worked together with EPEA Switzerland, among others, in the development of such recyclable packaging. EPEA Switzerland, based in Bäch SZ, is an accredited assessor for the Cradle to Cradle Certification Standard and operates worldwide. It has also certified the products of OceanSafe. pcs