NovoCarbo trades first certificates for CO2 sinks


Dörth – NovoCarbo is a company of the CO2-negative recycling economy. It produces premium vegetable coal from biogenic residues. Now the finalist of the German Sustainability Award is trading the carbon sinks he created on the Carbonfuture trading platform.

The young German cleantech company NovoCarbo trades the carbon sinks it has created on the new block chain trading platform Carbonfuture. Carbon sinks are natural reservoirs such as forests, bogs and oceans that temporarily absorb and store carbon. This enables them to mitigate the greenhouse effect and global warming.

NovoCarbo, finalist of this year’s German Sustainability Award, produces premium vegetable coal from biogenic residues and markets it. By using them in the soil, the company creates climate-positive certified carbon sinks, which are now traded as so-called Carbon Sink Credits. These are the first German certificates of their kind.

The company gives its customers a share of the remuneration. “This is because vegetable coal is mainly used in earth production and agriculture, where it binds carbon for centuries,” the communication states. For this purpose, it pyrolyses vegetable raw materials such as green waste, nut shells or marc with the aid of PYREG plant technology.

This vegetable carbon is then introduced into soils or indirectly enters agricultural soils via the application in animal feed, stable bedding, liquid manure, compost or biogas plants. NovoCarbo thus creates terrestrial carbon sinks that are urgently needed to contain the climate crisis. mm