NONvocado and edible wild hedge win at InnoBio 2023


Bern – The Thun project NONvocado and the Bern project 1 kilometer edible wild hedge have won the InnoBio Bern 2023 competition. The winners will receive advice and funding contributions. The competition is being held by Bern ist Bio for the second time.

Stubä8 has developed NONvocado, an alternative to guacamole made from local ingredients. The PopUp restaurant in Thun wants to make imported ingredients superfluous and avoid long transport routes. NONvocado is offered in a jar.

The Zehendermätteli im Glück, a pub with a garden and cultural offerings, wants to make nature edible again. She plans to build a 1-kilometer-long wildlife hedge on her property on the Aare River in Bern. She wants to make organic gin from the fruit. The project also aims to raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and promote biodiversity.

According to a statement, both projects have now won the InnoBio Bern 2023 competition, which is being organized by Bern ist Bio for the second time this year. Winners will receive advice and financial support. A maximum of 20,000 Swiss francs per project is available.

Bern is Organic was launched by the canton as Bern Organic Offensive 2025. The aim is to help Bernese organic farmers gain more appreciation for their craft, commitment and passion.

Competition should also lead to a change in thinking among consumers. “Only by questioning one’s own eating and shopping habits can an awareness of our foundation grow,” government councilor Christoph Ammann was quoted as saying in a statement announc ing the first edition of the 2022 competition. “Food is called that for a reason.” At that time, three projects won the competition: BOHNI’s, the organic tofu from the Trimstein organic farm, and Messerli ‘s climate-positive organic fruit plant in Kirchdorf. ce/stk