NFP 73 Podcast | Sustainable Housing

Housing is the second largest contributor to Swiss energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 1990, the population of Switzerland has grown by 23%, while living space has increased by 35%.

The size of dwellings is a key factor in determining the consumption of resources and energy in housing. In this episode Barbara Dubach speaks with Claudia Binder and Anna Pagani about what’s behind this growing trend for bigger homes, and how we can make housing more environmentally sustainable without compromising our standard of living.

Podcast courtesy of NFP 73.

The series “Sustainable Economy” is a podcast of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) that provides access to the findings of the National Research Programme “Sustainable Economy: resource-efficient, sustainable, innovative” (NFP 73). In each episode, Barbara Dubach, Head of Knowledge Transfer for NFP 73, speaks with renowned researchers who have worked on one of 29 research projects. In less than 20 minutes, listeners will receive evidence-based, actionable facts for the shift to a sustainable economy.