New one-off tariff for solar plants comes into force


Zurich – As of the beginning of the year, owners will be reimbursed up to 60 percent of the investment costs for a new photovoltaic system. One of the prerequisites is that the plant is not used for own consumption. The new subsidy model applies to plants with an output of 2 to 150 kilowatts.

The revision of the Energy Law came into force at the beginning of January. In parallel to the two existing subsidy models for small and large photovoltaic systems, it provides, among other things, a new high one-time payment for photovoltaic systems, explains Swissolar in a statement. The association of the Swiss solar energy industry lists the conditions under which owners can be reimbursed up to 60 percent of the investment costs of reference systems.

According to this, the new photovoltaic system must have a capacity of at least 2 and a maximum of 150 kilowatts. Moreover, the energy it generates may not be used for self-consumption, but must be fed into the grid for at least 15 years. Also, only plants with a commissioning date from the beginning of 2023 will be funded.

For the current year, the high one-time compensation amounts to 450 Swiss francs per kilowatt of installed capacity, according to Swissolar. In addition, the subsidy is limited to one new photovoltaic system without own consumption per year and property. However, a possible inclination angle bonus can be applied for additionally. hs